Life Time Workmanship Guarantee

Welcome To Razorback Construction

We are a proud American company. American owned and operated.

We complete our own work. (in other words ) we do NOT subcontract out any of our business.

Through our years of roofing, we have had the time to see what works, our goal at razorback is to provide what works the best. Which is why we choose to handnail all of our roofs. versus the use of nail guns. We use lifetime roof planges, ventilation systems and flashings to match the shingle manufacturs warranty. (your roof is only as good as its weakest link)

We provide a lifetime warranty on our workmanship! (a warranty means nothing if the buissness is out of business down the road). Razorback construction has been servine hot springs. hot springs village, and surrounding areas for over thirty years under the same name and same owner

We are a hardworking, family owned construction company for the past 30+ years. We specialize in all types of roofing, rock wall, seawalls and retaining walls. We bid, work, and oversee the job from concept to completion. Unlike other companies, we do not sub-contract any of our work to insure the best work possible. We never use nail guns in our work, all of our roofs are hand nailed. We offer free estimates and guarantee all of our work. Contact us for more information or check out all of the services we offer.

Why Razorback Construction?

Why should you choose Razorback Construction for your roofing needs over the others? Here is why!

Our family serving your family for over thirty years!

In an industry where many roofers are in business today and out┬Čof-business tomorrow, it is unusual to find a company with our experience and proven record of quality and reliability.

We Stand Behind our Roof Warranty

Some roofing contractors offer guarantees that exceed the length of time that they have been in business. Remember that a guarantee is only as good as the company behind it. (In other words your warranty means nothing if the company that roofed your home is out of business or goes by another name.)

Honesty and Integrity

We will never try to sell you a new roof if your roof does not need to be replaced or if your money is better spent in repairing or maintaining your existing roof.

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority

We want you to be so pleased with your roofing experience with us, that you will gladly recommend us to a friend or relative. We offer a $50 incentive to our previous customers whose referral or recommendation leads to a reroofing project.